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Swim Yoda aka Gordon Ellard recently delivered an awesome personal development for 25 of our teachers.  We all learnt so much and also had a lot of fun!  It is so good to see the staff incorporating the new and fun activities learnt from Yoda’s 25 years in the swimming industry.  Highly recommended.       
BJ Lamm - (Director, Starfish Swim School, Bentleigh)

I just feel so lucky to have had the week we have had with you’re incredible teaching.  
I know we just got more out of swimming lessons in one week than we have in their entire history of lessons. You are a true talent!  Thank you!!     
Alex, Elwood (parent)

Gordon’s personal development session was an extraordinary help in my improvement as a swim teacher, I learnt new and innovative ways to not only teach swim strokes,but how to properly engage and motivate the kids so that they come to every lesson excited and eager to swim.
Matt, Melbourne (Teacher of swimming with ASCTA)

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